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For New Applicants

Under the plan, qualified applicants wishing to move to Canada who work in 29 highly skilled job fields, such as health, finance and the oil industry, will go to the front of the line. That means skilled immigrants could have their visas processed in six to 12 months instead of having to wait five to six years.

The government will accelerate the immigration process for people who have an offer of employment or have already been living legally in Canada for one year as a temporary foreign worker or international student.

You will have so many different ways now to obtain Permanent Residency . There are four categories that give permanent residence and each offering several ways.

STEP 1 : Is your occupation on the listing of 29 highly skilled job which will go to the front of the line and be processed within 6-12 months..   Get hold of Enhance now!

STEP 2 : If your occupation is not on the list  of 29, you have many choices still that will provide you permanent Residence in Canada. They are found in these 4 categories:

An Arranged Employment Offer  (AEO)

An AEO is the most effective and straight forward approach assist a skilled worker whose occupation is not on the list of 29.

You will be offered an extended service by Enhance (separate from our professional fee) to obtain on your behalf an Arranged Employment offer (AEO) in your occupation (or closely related). You can also participate in the search for the AEO. Should you follow our advise and become successful in finding to employer to offer you the AEO, you will not be charged for the extended service offered by Enhance to it clients. Due to having a job waiting for you, you will not be required to show proof of  settlement fund

The main advantage of Arranged Employment (AEO) is that it greatly reduces the time to process a Permanent Residency application.

Another advantage to Arranged Employment  (AEO) as compared to obtaining a Work Permit is that the Canadian employer does not have to demonstrate that efforts have been made to hire Canadians

Provincial nominees

If you are qualified under any of numerous individualized programs administered by Canada's provinces or territories, Enhance will assist you to obtain the nomination of the province and then submit your Federal Skilled worker application along with your nomination certificate and you will receive priority processing .Please take the time to research each and every program since they vary a great deal from one to another.

      Canadian Experience Class

Applicants who wish to study in Canada will be processed on Student visas and upon graduation, will be able to obtain work permits to work within their field. From that point the applicant can  Apply for Permanent Residence under the Canadian Experience Class.

If you wish to enter Canada on a work permit, Enhance will endorse you to a licensed POEA agency to receive full support for obtaining a temporary work permit. This avenue can lead to your application being filed after you have  one year experience at any occupation listed as a skilled occupation in the NOC .For people who have recent Canadian work experience or who recently graduated and worked in Canada the Canadian Experience Class if the answer.

Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people


For our clients who can show at least 2 years of business experience who own and actively manage their business and they want to start a business in Canada .

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