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Real People, Real Dreams, Real Results.


Ever since I started taking up my bachelors degree in nursing, it was always a dream of mine to go abroad, especially to Canada. After graduation, I immediately looked for opportunities to go there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my visa. I had a hard time going from one offices to next, feeling more and more frustrated and helpless every time I got rejected. 3 years passed and still no progress. But God has really his way of surprising you. And on my most worst day, I happened upon to pass by the office of the Enhance agency in Bacolod. I didn't know it at first, but it would be a life altering moment. When I came in, the staff was really accommodating and very helpful. They offered me different programs that suit my preference. Once I got started it was smooth sailing. A few bumps here and there, but the staff were really there to tell not to give up. They were there all the way. Getting your visa approved was a nerve wracking experience. The waiting was horrible, but enhance made sure that I was updated and that I was safe. They were always open to give advise 24 hours a day. I felt really comfortable and safe with them..

Thanks Enhance.. I couldn't be where I am without you guys!


-Florence Pamela Sanchez



"To all of you who forms Enhance Visa Services, Inc., my heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU!!
I am sorry if it took so long before I was able to send this but I am still at lost for the right words on how I can express my gratitude for all the support and understanding that you've given and shown me during my application.

I would just like to say a special shout out to Miss Rai for being such a ray of sunshine. For cheering me up when I feel like giving up and for being a friend. And of course, to Miss Ilyn, you had been so patient and extra understanding in answering all my queries and giving extra bit of your personal time-- thank you.

Since I have started with my application with Enhance, everything was laid clear and open. And fulfilled a dream on the time frame you have provided. Thank you and more thank you's to YOU all who have been nothing but extra ordinary.

May God continue to bless you and keep being a blessing to every applicants. :)"

- Vanessa




My wife and I would like to thank Enhance Visa Services, Inc. especially Fritzie Cabio for all her efforts in getting my wife and myself a spousal visa for the United Kingdom. It only took six days for us to receive it! The service Fritzie gave us was professional and reassuring at all times. The lady in the VFS-visa-UK in Manila complimented my wife on how well our papers had been presented. A compliment to Fritzie. Thank you Fritzie and Enhance Visa. I would recommend you to anyone contemplating trying for any visa.

Best wishes to you all,


-Debbie and John Wynn-Jones   Spouse visa to UK


"On this day February 27, 2012, I finally received my Student Visa from New Zealand Immigration Services. I am thankful to the Staff of Enhance Visa Services, Inc. specially to Ms. Jane Sinapuelas and Ms. Rai Dumdum for the assistance they had extended to me in processing my student visa. The staff are very professional and competent in their field of expertise. Once again, my heartfelt gratitude to Enhance."

- Glenda Soriso-New Zealand Student Visa



"I'm very grateful to Enhance because among all the agencies that I've been to before, they're the only one who offers money-back-guarantee, so I strongly recommend the agency."

- Golda Monica Garcia



wilkins_familyWe used Enhance to help with visas for both my wife and step-son. On both occasions we experienced a highly professional and friendly service from all the staff that we dealt with. Our applications were successful both times with the minimum amount of hassle and within the time frame specified. We would highly recommend this agency for anyone wishing to apply for a visa to the UK or any other destination.

-Richard Wilkins, sponsor of Fiancee and Dependant Visa for UK


EldieMadirazo"I would like to thank Enhance for their unwavering support to make our dreams come to reality. Their online processing is so reliable that though we are in Batangas they managed to process our Visa effectively online. With this achievement, we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our heart." JOB WELL DONE!

- Eldie Madirazo



"I'm Elmer C. De Dios currently residing in Australia. I would like to share a short and unforgettable experience when I applied for VISA at Enhance Visa Services. My VISA is Fiancée VISA and that's were the journey begin. My Fiancée and I were looking for an agency to help us in processing my VISA. Enhance Immigration is our choice since this firm serves more than 15 years in service for helping Filipinos get their VISA. I never forget the day when i lodged my VISA and waited for the news for approval. After 3 months of waiting I received an email from Miss Hope Dingal that the Australian Embassy granted me a VISA and I’m so happy to hear that. To all who are planning to apply for a VISA, choose Enhance Immigration for their Quality and Good Service, Positive People and Customer Care."

- Elmer De Dios, Fiancee Visa to Australia


RizmaGayAstacaan"I already got my Visa within 6 months. Thank you Enhance and God Bless."

- Rizma Gay Astacaan



"I would say thank you very much for your good service. Enhance is the one who helped me a lot to have my visa and my dream was granted. Now I have my PR card in Canada and I can visit Canada anytime."

- Melonie Trimming - Spouse Visa Canada


Lilibeth_and_Robert_HurtubiseThank you Enhance for the expertise and guidance all throughout the Immigration process. You made the whole process simpler and easier for us. It was also great working with you. Job well done.

- Lilibeth and Robert Hurtubise         Spousal Visa for Canada


Bienvenida__Hans_SchoenMy husband and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the company that can be trusted, the ENHANCE VISA SERVICES, INC. and of course for the job well done for us. To the employees and staff with specialized knowledge and expertise in quick dealing with complete immigration visa processing for CANADA. To Ma'am Ana Liza Amores and Madam Aireen Villaver who are approachable and knowledgeable to give us [ as clients ] a reliable information and a good service. Once again, thank you very much for our dream comes true to settle our married life in CANADA. Keep up your good work. We are not mistaken to choose you as our consultant with lots of expertise with regards to visa processing. God speed and more power.

- Bienvenida and Hans Schoen - Spousal Visa Canada



Enhance had helped me a great deal when I was applying for my Fiancee Visa. This process can be quite tedious and involves a lot of paperwork. I didn't know where and how to start. Fortunately, with the help of Enhance's professional and friendly staff, my visa was approved with no hassle and faster than I expected. Thanks!

- Lady Lyn and Alexander William Buchan - Fiancee Visa to UK



Marie and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ana Liza and the team at Enhance Visa Services, for helping the success of our Australian Fiancée Visa. Right from the first contact, we made with staff of Enhance, we were
delighted with the professionalism that each and everyone of them displayed when processing our application. Their sense of commitment and standards are of the highest calibre. We know that it was only because of their expert consultancy that our application was successful. We would recommend Enhance Visa Services to anyone. Enhance guided us through the whole process of the Fiancée Visa. Our application was accepted within a month of completion and lodgment. Marie and I are now happily married and expecting our first child here in Australia. Thank you once again for all your help.

- Marie and Peter Antunovic - Fiancee Visa to Australia



I first met Jill while visiting "Adam Jennies Center For Special Children" in Mandaue, Cebu. We spent the following week together and before I boarded the plane to return to London I had fallen in love with her, and asked her to marry me.

While back in the U.K many hours were spent on Webcam, email and Cell-phone to each other, planning our future together. As I had never been married before there were many things I had to do, the fact that my future wife was from The Philippines added to my list. Enhance Visa Services, Inc. was recommended to Jill by a friend of hers, and proved to have the answers to all of the things on my list. By entertaining my phone calls from London or receiving Jill in their Office in Cebu City, the staff of Enhance Visa Services, Ana Liza & Jacque provided a first class service.

- Jill and David King - Spousal Visa to UK