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Ready To Begin?

We can get you started no matter where you live or Work.

Once you are confirmed to be qualified either by online assessment or confirmation from an Enhance Consultant , you will have two choices to begin. You can process totally thru ONLINE PROCESSING or in person with your Immigration Representative.

ONLINE PROCESSING:(the preferred method)

PROCESSING:(the preferred method)

No need to spend your after work hours racing across the city or spending the countless hours in traffic simply to turn in documents. Use our ONLINE SERVICES and visit us ONLINE because you choose to, not because you have to.

All your documentation will be COMPLETED ONLINE and you will enjoy DIRECT LIVE ACCESS to our Immigration Consultant for clarification of issues and private consultation to do with your application via our Live_Online_Operator (found on our website) will provide you direct access when you need information or simply need a fast answer to that important question you have had in your mind for a while..

Our LIVE ONLINE OPERATORS will provide you direct access when you need information or simply need a fast answer to that important question you have had in your mind for a while.

You will immediately enjoy a discount in your professional fees payable. (You will be exempt from the 7 day rule. You will enjoy the P5,000.00 discount on your first deposit) Please see agreement for details.



Have your qualifications assessed wherever you are in the world by filling up our online assessment form. You will be responded via email if you qualify or not.


After the confirmation by Company Consultants of your qualifications (based on the results of your earlier online assessment), you will receive our MOA (Memorandom Of Agreement) via email which will allow you to read our service standards.

This agreement outlines the service guarantees you will benefit from such as our Industry Unique 100% Money Back Provision (provisions to refund professional and Embassy fees) illustrating in a BOLD and TRANSPARENT way our total commitment to you, our client.

Another distinguishing feature of ENHANCE unique in the Industry called TRANSFERABILITY provides you full protection for your investment. These two pioneering features unique only to Enhance clearly illustrates that we stand with you and assist you as an active partner in your application and not simply a passive participant in a support role. We are committed to your commitment.

We now have over a decade of providing our clients with a Canadian standard of service and total peace of mind.


You can choose from one of our deposit plans which best fits meets your financial budget. In fact, we can tailor make a deposit schedule to match your budget. You will then forward your initial deposit or deposit into any of our designated accounts. We can process you as fast or as slow as your budget will allow. The key item is to make the decision. Once you have done that, we can work out the details.


At this point, you are now officially our client and you will be able to receive by email all forms and procedures. You will have direct access to your consultant for consultation online. You can view the status of your file 24 hrs per day and by using our LIVE OPERATOR switchboard,


If the LIVE HELP status is OFFLINE it means that our livehelp operators are currently unavailable and you can leave your email, name and a question or a message by clicking on our LIVE HELP BUTTON. Our LIVE HELP operators usually responds to your offline messages within 24 hours.

If the LIVE HELP status indicates a blinking ONLINE text, it means you can chat with our LIVE HELP operators NOW! by clicking on the LIVE HELP BUTTON.

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Answers to your most basic questions can accurately be accommodated right away. You will immediately receive by email your agreement with Enhance.

Once returned, will be followed by emailing of application forms and instructions as well as software to allow you to encode and save the data on the forms.

Once saved, you will email them back to us for immediate screening. We then will make our recommendations, email the forms back after which you can print them, sign them and forward to us by courier.

We can process anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Enhance will take the responsibility to verify that all data you have indicated is valid. We will confirm and verify with you all key areas, which are clearly identified in our information handout.

OFW’s will now find it easier to file and submit their applications using the ONLINE PROCESSING METHOD.

Your Immigration Representative:

For those using conventional processing methods, Please visit our offices and all application kits and forms will be provided to you. This will become your base of processing.

To begin:

Call or email your Representative with your cedula information (community tax certificate) for in country applicants and passport details for OFW’s . This should include the number,  date of issue and place of issue . We will then provide you the agreement in advance without obligation so that you can clearly see the distinct provisions for your protection in our agreements

There is no obligation when you order the agreement. We want you to simply be able to read it over and when ready you can then make your first deposit using any of the method options listed here  How to deposit funds with Enhance