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Bridging Programmes

"Enhance Builds Bridges to Greatness"

Junjun Medran, Danny Favor and Mylene Freires. These are names of Filipino nurses who have achieved greatness in a foreign country from what seemed to be an unreachable dream here in the Philippines. Hailing from Mindoro, Camarines Sur and Davao del Norte, respectively, they found their niche amidst a sea of overseas Filipino nurses, making themselves known as epitomes of excellence in leadership and development. These personalities raise the banner of Filipinos all over the world and inspire other Filipino nurses to be the best in what they do. But, of course, these people who continue to be victorious in their career did not reach the peak without a strong faith and persistence to take hold of their dreams.

Greatness. This is what Enhance Visa Services, Inc. (EVSI) envisions for itself and its clients for the year 2012. EVSI believes that dreams and greatness are never out of reach; hence,to forward this vision,  it builds bridges, providing  infallible guidance and assistance, to connect people to their desired future. Taking pride on its 16 years of dependable and reliable service, EVSI never  ceases to provide its clients the peace of mind as well as the transparency that people value the most.

EVSI now eyes on and dares registered Filipino nurses whose dreams are waiting to be fulfilled in the United Kingdom,  Australia and Canada to make a leap of faith by taking advantage of its Bridging Programmes. The programmes allow all registered nurses in the Philippines to study in the mentioned countries so they will be more equipped and eligible to work in those places. More than that, they also open doors to becoming practicing nurses and permanent residents.

The UK Bridging Programme, also known as the Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP), was created by the British government´s Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC) which has been registering   over 2000 nurses and midwives from outside the UK since 2008. Given 3 to 9 months of study as well as practice nursing with pay, nurses under this programme spend time with their instructors learning in the hospital wards and gaining knowledge on dealing with foreign patients. While nurses under the regular student visa earn 5 to 7 GBP per hour, nurses under the ONP gain 8 to 12 GBP every hour.  Once the programme is completed, the nurses can register themselves and become  licensed nurses in the UK.

Not so different from the ONP, Australia also has the Australia Bridging Programme by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). APHRA is partnering with National Boards regulating more than 520,000 health practitioners. In this programme, nurses are trained for 12 to 13 weeks. Upon completion of the programme, nurses can then register themselves to the Nursing Council. They may also qualify for Skilled Migrant Visa or apply for a work permit and may earn AUS $ 1,100.00 per week.

For those who aim of living and practicing nursing in Canada, the Province of Quebec has its own immigration service and nurses governing body that pave way for multiple opportunities for registered nurses. The Quebec Nursing Programme (QNP) aims to assist eligible candidates toward permanent residency by taking advantage of the Quebec licensing programme for foreign nurses as a step up the ladder. QNP consolidates nurses knowledge and skills, develops nurses capability to engage in professional activities as well as familiarises nurses with the province´s and institution´s guidelines and policies.

These programmes are now laid out and ready for the taking. When greatness and a great life is the goal, EVSI is the most qualified and trustworthy to be asked for an assistance. Being a top rank visa processing company, it sets the trend in delivering exceptionally high-quality service specially to Filipino nurses, and strengthens its commitment to lead people to greatness.