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Payment Options and Benefits

Full Protection and Distinguishing Features of Enhance

Our Canadian service standards have given rise to distinguishing features which clearly identify our total commitment to being transparent with our clients thereby providing them with peace of mind while their application is being assembled and processed.

Our service packages provide you with all the unique distinguishing features that have established Enhance over the past decade. We are proud to have pioneered and fully implemented this milestone feature that has clearly spotlighted Enhance's commitment to client service. Full benefits and identifying features enjoyed by clients of Enhance include. Discount Provisions which save you money,  The Transferability Provisions (see below) providing you with protection for your money in combination with a milestone industry feature that has distinguished Enhance, the 100% Money Back Provision (see below).  This provision not only will reimburse the Professional Fees but will also refund your EMBASSY FEES*  thereby providing the peace of mind enjoyed by our clients and clearly identifying the total commitment of the company (see our agreement for specific details)*. Both these features clearly make us partners together since we have a clear self imposed liability illustrating our commitment to you, the client.

100% Money Back Provision - Total Transparency and Commitment to you.

  • With peace of mind of our clients being the ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE, we are proud to have pioneered and fully implemented a milestone feature that has clearly spotlighted Enhances' commitment to client service. Our unique 100% Money Back provision* of both Professional and Embassy fees clearly identifies the underlying focus of the company. This is the clearest way we can make our statement that we are serving you in a transparent fashion.

    *In the unlikely event that your submitted application is denied at the paper stage, you are assured of 100% refund of Professional Fees paid in addition to all Embassy filing Fees, making a powerful statement asserting our commitment to our clients.  This provision is null and void should the reason for rejection be falsification of any documents or non compliance of any embassy request. (This excludes returned applications from Case Processing Centre in Nova Scotia). Should the unexpected occur after this stage, your Professional fees will continue to be protected with the Transferability benefit explained below.

* see agreement for full details

Transferability – Protection for your investment

When your Professional fees are fully paid, you will enjoy an important flexibility benefit. They become fully transferable. In return for the commitment of our clients to provide us with authentic valid documentation, this feature was provided to protect their investment against any number of unexpected challenges as well as a few potential disappointments (medical denials). The Transferability benefit, allows the client whose professional fees is fully paid, to transfer the professional fee to any other service offered by Enhance. The professional fee  can be allocated for the processing of a different type of visa, or a visa application to a different country. The Transferability provision will even allow the transfer of the Professional fee to another individual who is not already a client of Enhance. This provision also protects our clients in cases of denial after the paper review stage has been passed unless due to submission of fraudulent documents and in also in cases of medical denials.

Professional Fees Payment Plans

Enhance’s Professional Fee package provides our clients with both the features that has distinguished its service to clients.  Our deposit plans allow clients to make deposits for their  Professional fees either in lump sum or split into a number of deposits over a period of time.  Discounts are provided simply on the basis of how fast or how slow deposits are made.

Deposits can be conveniently made using any of the deposit methods found at this link:

Professional fee Options:

The Professional Fee covers the entire family (yourself , spouse and children) regardless if you are single or married with children.

  • Applicants who are currently in the Philippines – use Plan A

  • Applicants who are out of country (OFW) or applicants whose spouse is currently an OFW – use Plan B

Plan A

Lump sum of P75,000.00 upon signing of this agreement as lump sum one time payment, or in the alternative, the following staggered payment plan;

  1. First segment: P30,000 at time of signing, enjoy a P5000 discount if retainer is signed within 7 days of initial evaluation by Enhance. (Clients can make a smaller deposit to initiate the agreement within 7 days of initial evaluation and then deposit the remaining balance within 3 weeks and still obtain the discount).
  2. Second segment: P30,000 (enjoy a further P5000 discount if deposit is made within 30 days of the first segment being paid) regardless of the status of the application.
  3. Third segment : P30,000 (enjoy a further P5000 discount if your deposit is within 6 months of signing this agreement)
  4. Since this application will receive expedite processing, (it is expected to take 6 months to process), all professional fees must be paid by the time of submission.

Plan B Professional fees will be:

Lump sum of P90,000.00 upon signing of this agreement as lump sum one time payment, or in the alternative, the following staggered payment plan;

a) First Segment:  P35,000 at the time of signing of the agreement (P5,000 discount if retainer is signed within 7 days of initial evaluation by Enhance). Clients may begin with a minimum deposit of P15,000 and if the balance of this first segment is deposited within 3 weeks, the P5,000 discount will still apply. All support by the First Party to begin any program will begin when this segment has been fully paid;

b) Second Segment: P35,000 before the SECOND PARTY's application is submitted to the respective processing office or embassy designated for the program applied for by the SECOND PARTY. A P5,000 discount will apply should this segment be deposited within 30 days of first segment being completed regardless of the status of the application.

c) Third segment : P35,000 (enjoy a further P5000 discount if your deposit is within 6 months of signing this agreement)

Please note that full amount deposited in Plan A and B (beginning from the point where the first and second segment is fully paid) is Protected with the benefit of Transferability.

Please note for AEO or MPNP clients, the ONLINE PROGRAMS (“DO it Yourself AEO programand “How to make friends) can only be activated once the first segment of professional fee has been fully deposited.

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